The world is complicated now as it is. Your website and web app shouldn't be.

Our mantra: Less is more. Simple is cool.

Here's why...

A passionate team of web programmers, designers and marketers, we build simple, straight-forward web applications and web sites. We provide you with tools to make your presence felt on the web. We'll try to build straigth-forward, simple, direct to the point web marketing tools for you and your company.

(Some of the things we do and our skill-sets in non-human language: We use PHP as our primary scripting language, MySQL as database, or MongoDB for NoSQL database applications. We built AJAX driven web applications and design top-of-the-line websites that focuses on usability and user experience and not just on simply building beautifully designed websites just for the sake of being beautiful and artistic.)

In other words, if you are looking for a no non-sense, in your face, honest, straight-to-the-point team to work on your web projects and ideas, we're the go-to guys. We are a small team, agile and your better choice against big companies (Click here to know why.)

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Two things that describe what we can do for you: Simple and Affordable.

Build your idea.

You may have a great product in mind, perhaps a new web business , but doesn't have the technical know-how to make it come into reality. That's when we come in. Teamsparrow can bring about your brilliant idea and be your technical partner.


You can't be everything. A good business sense doesn't always go hand in hand with being a techie. But your company needs someone...Why hire , when you can OUTSOURCE your technical requirement to us. We know technology.


We've been coding for decades. You can trust us with your development requirements, our portfolio can guarantee that trust.

UX Design.

Design is everything. We build rock solid back ends, but we also realize that simple, interactive front ends makes your web sites and web applications attractive and usable to your prospective clients and web users. And again, our portfolio says it all.

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Meet TeamSparrow

Here's Arnold, Jerameel and Tzaddi -- the team's front liners. We say front liners, because the other guys (other programmers, designers, copy writers, coffee mixers and cheerers), are just too shy to be seen on this page.

Arnold Gamboa

Founder, Project Manager & Chief Hacker

What he does best: A whole lot of project management and web app conceptualizations and a little of almost everything - from programming to designing to accounting to marketing.

Jerameel Custodio

Co-founder & Lead Developer

What he does best: Hardcore coding, javascripting (he loves jQuery and Kohana!). And technical/customer support. He'll skype you anytime you want :D.

Tzaddi Gamboa


What he does best: PHP programming, javascripting. He loves Kohana and jQuery, too! In fact, he codes Ajax through jQuery like eating rice.

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Our Portfolio

Here are some of our past projects. To get the full list, contact us.


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Arnold handles all initial client interactions, general project consulting and management. Need to speak with us via phone? Call him. Information below.

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Commonly asked questions:

How much do you charge per page for a web design.

We don't charge per page. We'll charge you based on your needs.

What tools do you use for producing web applications?

PHP and MySQL. We also use a PHP coding framework called "Kohana". That way, we can focus more on functionality than coding.

I have a cool idea for a web application. Are you open to partnerships and profit sharing instead of the typical outsourced scheme?

Yes we are. Send us a note, let's talk and if the idea has great potential to become profitable and useful, then we can probably give it a shot.

Your team is based in the Philippines. You must be charging real cheap fees!

On the contrary, we don't. We're affordable, not cheap. Two words, different meanings. Cheap is mass produced, hastily done products. We can't charge cheap since we treat every project special. We put in the necessary hours, we're very careful with the details. We're affordable in a sense that while we may charge higher than a typical freelancer, we're still competitive compared to large development houses.